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What Is The Energy Enhancement System?

The core technology at Oasis is a 24 unit Energy Enhancement System.  The EES is a technology of the future- available today, backed by decades of clinical research from Stanford, Harvard, and John’s Hopkins PhDs/MDs and utilized by NASA, top athletes, and personal development coaches like Tony Robbins.  “This system employs a new paradigm of health by enhancing the whole body's energies so that the body can heal itself.” 

Dr. Terry Shintani, MD University of Hawaii Medical School

"The Energy Enhancement System (E.E.S.), is a new technology that generates a theraputic energy field, (Scalar Wave), that raises the energy level of every cell in the body to its optimum level; (-70-90 millivolts), within a two hour therapy session. This is the most extraordinary technology I have seen in twenty years of practice, as an Alternative Health Care Doctor. The results, which have been obtained with this therapy, are quite frankly miraculous."

Dr. James D. deBoer

Pasadena College of Chiropractic

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