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Booking Policies

At Oasis, we want everyone to have the opportunity to attend our 24 Unit Energy Enhancement System sessions. Our goal is to ensure everyone has fair and equitable access to all services offered at Oasis to ensure we can accommodate everyone, we've implemented a few policies for waitlists and cancellations.


We have enabled waitlists for all services at Oasis.  If the service you wish to sign up for is fully booked, you can join the waitlist to be notified of an open spot on a first-come, first-served basis. 


If a space becomes available, an email notification is sent to your account and you have 30 minutes to accept the notification. If you do not accept the notification in time, the next person on the list is automatically offered the spot. 

We encourage you to actively manage your bookings and waitlist reservations. If you no longer want to be in a given session, please cancel your booking or waitlist reservation. 


You made a reservation for a session but something comes up and you can’t make it. What should you do?

You may cancel any reservation you have up to 12 hours prior to the start of that reservation. Cancellations must be done on the website by you.  We do not accept cancellations through voicemail, social media messages, or via any other means.

Late Cancel / No Show Fee


If you fail to cancel a reservation at least 12 hours prior to the start OR you don't show up to a reserved class, you will forfeit a session. 

If you late cancel or do not show up to a reservation as a result of an emergency, please message us as we reserve the right to waive this policy on a case by case basis.  We understand that things come up!

Accounts with unpaid fees are subject to suspension or termination, without refund, should they remain in arrears for more than 10 calendar days.

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