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We are honored to offer a peaceful and safe space where members can come to experience the power of a 24 unit Energy Enhancement System.  Our coastal Carlsbad location is two blocks from the Pacific Ocean and Interstate 5, 30 minutes North of San Diego, and 1.5 hours South of LA.  


The space

As you settle into your heated zero gravity recliner and start to receive the abundant eesystem energy you can breathe easy knowing our state of the art air purification system is serving up the cleanest air possible.  Now simply set your intention and relax into 2 hours beyond time and space. 

Our team

We are so happy and grateful to share the awesome eesystem with our community and members.  Our intention is for your highest and best and we do our utmost to make your visit and session comfortable, relaxing, and transformative.  

-David and Natalie Rose

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