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 Oasis is open 7 days a week with group booking on Tuesday-Saturday and Sunday and Monday for Private Sessions Bookings.  If you are new to the EESystem we highly recommend booking 2 one hour sessions back to back.  This gives you access to the full spectrum of energy from the 24 Unit EESystem.


The Space

Just two short blocks from the beautiful Pacific Ocean you will find Oasis.  As you ascend the stairs and step into the space you are greeted with the soothing energy of the 24 unit EESystem.  Settle back into your plush + heated zero gravity recliner and choose from over 100 guided meditations, healing frequencies, and inspirational talks on the provided mp3s/headphones or try out our Osteopads paired with the deluxe cots and relax into the soothing vibrations.


Our Team

We are so fortunate to have such an amazing team of facilitators/friends sharing their gifts, energy, and goodwill at Oasis.  Meet our amazing team and facilitators below.


-David and Natalie Rose


Meet The Team


Shauna Piscitello

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Sonia Reece

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Aria Morgan

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David Rose

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