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Giving Back | Making a Real Difference

We are so grateful to be able to support initiatives like SevaChild who are doing life changing and saving work in rural villages in India. With every purchase you make a portion goes directly to SevaChild and other organizations; thank you for supporting these life saving efforts!

More about SevaChild:

SevaChild is an American 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization. Our international headquarters is in Idyllwild California and our Indian affiliate’s headquarters is in Delhi.

SevaChild has developed a unique network of Indian humanitarian organizations that serve the most critical needs of the world’s largest population of impoverished people.

Our Focus

  • The prevention of vitamin A deficiency disease in children: the world’s number one cause of childhood blindness

  • The prevention of anaemia in expecting mothers, a major cause of life-threatening childbirth complications

  • Since the beginning of the coronavirus, SevaChild has been providing food rations to literally thousands of impoverished families facing hunger and starvation

  • The prevention of disease from contaminated water; drilling wells and installing water pump systems in a few leper colonies and numerous rural villages where the availability of clean drinking water has become a serious issue

Recent Updates from SevaChild: Food and Water — Still a Serious Issue for India’s Poor After interminable months of unemployment due to highly-contagious COVID-19 variants, millions of families in remote villages and urban slums still struggle to find enough food to eat and clean water to drink. A CALL FOR HELP A $25 donation will feed a family of five for four weeks, a donation of any size will help to drill a well for rural villagers whose only water supply is a contaminated pond or stream! A $25 donation will pay for one year’s worth of micronutients that protect young children from vitamin A deficiency disorder (VADD) which is the number one cause of childhood blindness and a major contributor to childhood deaths worldwide. Government lockdowns have been especially hard on poor migrant workers and day laborers in the slums and rural villages in India. These breadwinners are so destitute that if they don’t work one day, their families don’t eat the next. This hand-to-mouth existence is exacerbated by the continued presence of contaminated water and food shorages resulting from the lingering effects of the government-imposed lockdowns subsequent to the pandemic. The survival of these families we are helping is critically dependent upon the food ration kits and water wells now available as a result of donations to SevaChild – who has volunteers working tirelessly to provide relief to families in thirteen of India’s hardest-hit states. Over 12,000 families have already received food that lasts a family of five for a month. And 23 wells that provide villagers with clean, uncontaminated drinking water have already been funded. This has all been made possible due to your generous donations and the assistance of our network of Indian volunteers and partnering organizations in India. In addition to food, SevaChild ration kits include sanitary pads, hand sanitizers and masks. Learn more and get involved at

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