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Remote EESystem Session

5th Dimensional and Beyond Energy Enhancement

Session Description

Feel the support and uplifting energy of The 24 Unit EESystem from the comfort of your own home. These sessions are great for pets, family and friends who need extra support as well as anyone wanting an extra boost of good energy. To Book Please Visit our Specials Page and Scroll Down to the Remote Sessions Package Deals. How do Remote Energy Enhancement Sessions work? 1. When your Quantum Card and/or photo is placed inside of the EESystem beneficial realignment takes place in your 5th dimensional energetic body- the blueprint for your physical form. This realignment can manifest in the 3D reality as better sleep, more peace, reduced pain, increased synchronicity and more. The possibilities are endless as the EESystem is designed to elevate you to your highest and best self. 2. You send us your Quantum Card and/or photo and we place it in the exact zero point of the 24 unit system here in Encinitas, California. (Details on the Quantum Card will be sent to your email address post sign up). 3. The sessions take place every evening Monday-Friday from 9pm to 6:00am pdt (9 Hours total). During this time we recommend setting the intention to open and receive the energy to bring forth the highest and best in all areas of your life. What is included in the Remote Sessions? 1. Remote Sessions in The 24 Unit EESystem 2. Access to Our Private Online Community Chat Room 3. Access to a Monthly Livestream with Natalie and David 4. Access to recorded videos/classes from Oasis To Book Visit our Specials Page and Choose a Package. Here are a few testimonials of the Quantum EESystem sessions. "The first remote session was a completely relaxing experience for me and I've felt in the flow ever since. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity." “I wanted to thank you for the remote session on Tuesday. I experienced a genuine feeling of Gratitude and peaceful centeredness that helped me tremendously, while working with my special needs students." "Thank you so much! It was awesome and I am really looking forward to the next one! I have noticeably less pain today and slept well last night." "I want to share that after the overnight session on Tuesday, today I have a peaceful sense and knowing that I will heal. This is the first morning in a very long time I have awoken without a clenching panic sensation in my stomach and a heavy, dull feeling in my head!"

Upcoming Sessions

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