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Our mission | It's a lifestyle

Our mission is to live a life full of joy, good health, and wholeness through eating a clean organic diet, exercise, play, time in nature, meditation, self reflection and nourishing connection with likeminded community. We also understand the value of integrating new healing modalities into our lives and are grateful to have found the Energy Enhancement System from Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. Starting this fall we will be offering EESystem sessions to our community here in North San Diego County. Our goal is to facilitate the most affordable, accessible, and rejuvenating experience with our state of the art 16 unit system.

​In addition to our local mission we are committed to supporting our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. A part of every booking goes directly to nourishing the most at risk children in India and Africa through two exceptional initiatives: Charity Water and Seva Child. Thank you for making a life changing impact in the lives of these children and families who need it the most!

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