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1 Hour Energy Enhancement Session

Take a one hour dip into the nourishing energy of the 24 unit EESystem.

Session Description

As you settle into your deluxe zero gravity recliner and start to receive the abundant EESystem energy you can breathe easy knowing our state of the art air purification systems are serving up the cleanest air possible. Relax in the silence or choose from over 100 different guided meditations, binaural beats, healing frequencies, and inspirational talks. Booking Back to Back, Same Day 1 Hour Sessions: Book Two 1 Hour Sessions In A Row ~ Receive 2hrs 30mins Book Three 1 Hour Sessions In A Row ~ Receive 4 Hours Book Four 1 Hour Sessions In A Row ~ Receive 5hrs and 30mins As you start to relax and receive the EESystem will supercharge your intentions, ideas, and creative power through transporting your consciousness to the elevated brain waves states of Theta, Delta and Gamma while simultaneously energizing and showering your bodies’ 37 trillion cells with biophotonic light, scalar energy, virgin rainforest and earth grounding (schumann resonance) frequencies. Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, inventor of the EESystem technology describes it like having the perfect laser light acupuncture of every meridian and in every cell of the body, simultaneously. The EESystem does not treat any conditions nor make any claims, it simply provides your system with harmonizing energies that empower the innate intelligence within the body to clean house and realign. The clearing out of toxins, negative energy, and limiting/destructive beliefs is part of the magic of this system and as such we recommend taking a sea salt bath post session to help the body flush out the toxins and further cleanse your energy field. Reported benefits: * Improved Immune Function * Improved Stress Tolerance * Deep Relaxation & Meditation States * Improved Sleep * Increased Energy * Accelerated Recovery Post-Surgery & Injury * Pain & Inflammation Relief * Improved Skin Texture & Appearance * Improved Blood Test Results * Improved Athletic Performance * Safe Detoxification & Oxygenation * Increased Confidence & Emotional Stability * Increased Feeling Of Being Grounded * Enhanced Learning States, Improved Creativity * Improved Mental Focus (As Measured By EEG) * Balance R & L Brain Hemispheres (Measured By EEG) What to bring: Water Blanket Eye mask Intentions/Prayers/Visions you wish to energize Personal items you want to have charged: supplements, crystals, water, etc. We look forward to having you join us at Oasis.

Upcoming Sessions

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