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Self Check-In 2 Hour EESystem Sessions

Get Oasis all to yourself on Sunday or Monday from 8am-8pm.

Session Description

Enjoy Oasis and the 24 unit EESystem all to yourself Sunday or Monday. This is a special opportunity to have the space entirely to yourself. In addition, this is a self check in and self checkout opportunity. After your booking you will be sent a custom door code to access Oasis. At the end of your session we ask that you kindly wipe down the areas you have used with the provided towelettes and simply close the door behind you and it will automatically lock. If you have any additional questions about the process or this offering feel free to give us a call! 858-422-3733. *All who join (up to 6 are allowed) must also become Oasis members. For each additional member, there's an additional fee added at a great rate! *If you already have a package, and want to use your sessions, it will be 2 sessions from your package for these 2 hour private sessions. *All activities must be done quietly. Running, jumping or making loud noises are not permitted. It is important to be considerate of our neighbors who appreciate peace and quiet during your time. By booking this service you agree to and understand the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Upcoming Sessions

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